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Fresh delicious food delivered to your door

How it Works


Select Dish

Let Zaydu your personal chef know what you feel like eating by selecting from our menu or by requesting a dish


Zaydu Cooks

Zaydu will work with our vast variety of cooks to prepare your delicious meals.


Zaydu Delivers

Fully prepared meals chilled for freshness and served to you at your door


You Eat

Just heat and enjoy. Eating has never been this easy and delicious.

Meal Plan Benefits


Less Stress, More Time

We believe eating what you want when you want should be easy for everyone. Let Zaydu do the planning, grocery shopping, preppng and cooking while you sit back and relax. Zaydu frees up your time for things that matter most.


Better Money Management

Whether it's cooking at home or eating out food expenses and wastage can be high. With Zaydu we strive to reduce food wastage by providing healthy portions that are just right. At the same time you will now have better control of your finances by knowing exactly what your food expenses are.


Affordable and Delicious Meals

No more trips to the grocery store, eating out, or paying high delivery fees when eating in. Just delicious and affordable meals delivered to your door. Whether it is home cooked food, street food or restaurant style food you're in the mood for, we have something for everyone. Eating dinner will never be the same.


Your Own Personal Chef

Our menus were crafted by talking to people who love delicious food. Stick with your favourite meals or change it up or if you want something new just let Zaydu your personal chef know and we will work with one of our many Local and International cooks to get your dish on the menu.

Social Simplified


Select Event Type

Choose how you want to plan your order and ensure no more food wastage by selecting exactly how much you need.


Select Event Date

Let us know the date you want your order delivered. Some dishes have cut-off periods so be sure to order as early as possible.


Select a Cuisine

Choose either a single cuisine or mix and match with other cuisines. Our vast selection of popular dishes from a variety of cuisines make for an unforgettable event.


Checkout & Delivery

Pay with a single click and sit back and relax. Zaydu will prepare your catering order neatly packaged and delivered to your door.